Structural & Misc. Steel Fabrication

Padgett is AISC certified for Steel Building Structures, Simple Steel Bridges, and Sophisticated Paint systems.

Padgett’s Beam Line fabrication system includes …

PythonX Structural Steel Fabrication System

  • PythonX beam line
  • Beam line fabrication
  • Beam processing machine
  • Steel processing on beam line

Inverted, multi-axis robot motion cutting system.

Plasma torch and power supply cuts fine feature parts with superior quality and consistency.

Guarantee of 1mm accuracy over 12m! (1/32” over 40ft.)

Maximum hole diameter:  24”

Maximum pierce thickness: 1.5”

Edge start maximum thickness:  2”

60 Foot Part Length

Beam Minimum Capacity:                4” width, 4” height

Beam Maximum Capacity:               36” width, 18” height

Channel Minimum Capacity:            3” width, 1.25” height

Channel Maximum Capacity:           36” width, 4” height

HSS Tube Minimum Capacity:         2” width, 2” height

HSS Tube Maximum Capacity:        24” width, 18” height

Strip Width Minimum Capacity:        4”

Strip Width Maximum Capacity:      36”

Strip Thickness Minimum Capacity: .25”

Strip Thickness Maximum Capacity:1.50”

Maximum Weight 338 lbs. per ft.

Angle Minimum Capacity:               2” width, 2” height

Angle Maximum Capacity:             10” width, 10” height

Patented Bolt Hole Process produces straight through holes that are nearly taporless.

Check it out: https://binged.it/2xsmOz9

Padgett is AISC certified for Steel Building Structures, Simple Steel Bridges, and Sophisticated Paint systems.

Padgett, Inc. is ISO 9001-2015 Certified.

  • 120, 513 square feet facility.
  • 48,710 Sqft. Misc. Fabrication facility.
  • 36,000 Sqft. Structural Fabrication facility.
  • PythonX inverted, multi-axis robot motion cutting system with plasma torch and power supply.
  • Controlled Automation beam line and angle line, fed and relieved by power conveyors and staging bays with beam capacity of 44” deep and angle and plate capacity of 1” thick and a maximum hole diameter of 1 9/16”.
  • Large stand-alone structural cut-off saw, beam capacity 40” deep x 12” wide.
  • Assembly areas
  • Welding stations
  • Overhead cranes
  • 21,288 Sqft. downdraft Painting Area.
  • 12,000 square foot material handling area with automated Pangborn shot blast machine.
  • 2,515 Sqft. Sand Blasting Booth using Black Beauty abrasive.

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