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Crane Services

Need a lift? Padgett cranes never sleep! We are available 24/7/365. Call our dispatchers @ 1-800-347-3415. Our cranes are on the job within a 200 mile radius of Padgett’s 50 plus acre facility in New Albany, Indiana, immediately adjacent to Louisville, Kentucky.

Padgett’s crane service is trusted by our region’s top companies. We have erected famous landmarks including: The Twin Spires at Churchill Downs; Rodin’s The Thinker statue at The University of Louisville; and the big Hillerich and Bradsby bat in downtown Louisville at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

Local ownership makes a measurable difference in productivity. Padgett’s experienced Estimators are close to your job site and available to quickly meet with your team in person.

Padgett’s crane service radius includes:

Columbus, Indiana
Evansville, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
Lexington, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky

Our Crane Service Fleet provides our customers with the latest in technology, safety, and efficiency. Our cranes are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and they are operated by our crew of N.C.C.C.O.-certified operators with an average of 15 years of on-the-job experience.

Padgett cranes are made by the industry’s leading manufacturers: Manitowoc, Grove, Link-Belt, Mobilelift and Broderson.

Manitowoc 2250300300’120’ + luffer
Link-Belt LS-278H250330’100’
Manitowoc 14000220292’80’
Manitowoc 12000120200’70’
Manitowoc 10000100110’30’
GMK 6300L350263’121’
GMK 5250L300230’41’-69’
GMK 5165-2165197’36’-59’
Link-Belt HTC 3140 LB140195’31’-55’
Grove TMS9000-2115169'34'-57'
Grove TMS 9000E110142’33’-56’
Link-Belt HTC 867575127’39’-67’
Grove TMS 700E50110’33’-56’
Link-Belt HTC 865050110’34’-56’
Grove TM 500E-245102’26’-45’
Grove TMS 500E4095’26’-45’
Link-Belt RTC 80130130162’33’-55’
Grove GRT-8100100 154' 33'-55'
Link-Belt 8090 II90140’55’
Link-Belt RTC 807575127’39’-67’
Grove TR 765E-265110’33’-56’
Link-Belt RTC 806565115’36’-61’
Link-Belt RTC 8050 II50110’28’-51’
Broderson IC-2501850’20’
Broderson IC-80930’10’

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