Heavy Rigging

Our specialized equipment has moved equipment weighing as much as 350 Tons. But that’s not all! We also are entrusted to safely move delicate, irreplaceable art and sculptures including the twelve Chinese Zodiac sculptures that are on the front lawn of The Speed Museum at The University of Louisville.

Padgett’s professional riggers are certified by their industry. In addition, all Padgett riggers receive ongoing training at Padgett every month on a range of topics that pertain to safe work planning, inspecting all equipment, use of all equipment, estimating load weights, load dynamics, center of gravities, tensions applied to rigging gear used on symmetric and non-symmetric loads, headroom limitations, load weight estimation and horizontal load movement, mobile lift crane set-up and load chart interpretation.

Padgett’s rigging equipment is maintained according to all instructions from our manufacturers.

  • Crane capacities to 350 Ton
  • Forklifts from 15,000 to 70,000 pounds capacity, equipped with hydraulic booms
  • 75 ton air skates
  • 75 Ton Mobile Lift
  • 200 Ton Die Cart
  • 300 Ton Slider Beams
  • J & R Engineering 600 Ton Gantry System
  • Hilman Traksporter 75 Ton Hydraulic Roller System
  • Flat-bed, single drop and double drop trailers
  • 150 ton portable test weight system

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