PythonX Robotic Structural Steel Processing & Fabrication

Carbon, Stainless, HSLA and High Nickel Exotics.  +/- 1/32″. 

Padgett, Inc.’s PythonX brings the efficiency and accuracy of robotics to structural members processing!  Orders are now completed in days that previously required WEEKS!

PythonX robotic 3D plasma cutter cutting material.

Parts 40’ long, 36” wide and 1.5” thick.

Cuts beams up to 36” wide and 17” high.

The fastest and most accurate processing for: beams, channel, angle, square tubing, rectangular tubing and bar stock.

Stainless, Carbon and Aluminum

The PythonX Robotic System has eliminated templates, hand cutting and manual layout.

Significantly reduces assembly time

Eliminates many handling steps

Improves quality and accuracy to tolerance of +/- 1/32”!

Video: PythonX Part Making (A-Z 0-9): https://youtu.be/QNBSzgfFx2U

Video: PythonX Beam Splitting: https://youtu.be/phANHofq6Vs

Video: PythonX Miter Cut — Normal: https://youtu.be/q320V809xCU

Video: PythonX Beveling: https://youtu.be/mENeoj8Kbdc