Sheet Metal Fabrication

Padgett’s sheet and plate department can handle a variety of projects that involve the processing and production of flat sheet/plate shapes, fittings, and transitions. Using our four press brakes and assortment of tooling we are able to form various shapes to meet our customer’s needs and surpassing your expectations in aluminum, carbon, & stainless steel.

Our state of the art equipment includes

  • Controlled Automation Plasma Table with two gantrys 12’ wide x 53’ long capable of cutting 1-1/2” thick
  • Mazak Laser 72” wide x 144” long capable of 5/8” mild steel and 1/2” stainless
  • Accurshear x 12' shearing capacity is up to 3/8 mild steel & ¼ stainless steel
  • Plate rolling up to 8’ x 3/16” thick
  • 600 Ton x 24' Accurpress Press Brake CNC
  • 400 Ton x 18' Pacific Press Brake CNC
  • 400 Ton x 14' Accurpress Press Brake CNC
  • 300 Ton x 16' Pacific Press Brake CNC
  • 150 Ton x 10' Adira Press Brake CNC
  • Wiedeman CNC turret press capable of punching ¼ inch material, 60 inch wide x 18’ long

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