Safety Program

Padgett LMS Courses


At Padgett, Safety is our way of life. It is the basis upon which we plan each job and a bench mark used to determine success. Everyone shares the common responsibility of living by this Safety ideology.

We believe and train that Safety must start at work and also must continue at home and into our private lives to become instinctive and not subjective.

This shared responsibility requires all employees to police not only themselves, but also everyone who impacts their Safety. Honest and open, two-way communication is required to achieve the necessary flow of information which Safety demands.

Only through a personal commitment to Safety from all of our employees will we achieve Safe work sites for us all.

Safety Training, Certification, Compliance and Credentials

Our employees complete training and receive certifications as required to enter every large plant in our region, including: American Synthetic Rubber, CEMEX, ConAgra, Dow Corning, Dow DuPont, Duke Energy, Essroc, Gates Corporation, General Electric, Jacobs/Clariant, Louisville Gas & Electric/Kentucky Utilities and Lubrizol.

To verify our compliance, Padgett’s largest customers utilize 3rd party Health, Occupational and Safety Databases including Avetta, Ariba, ISNetworld, PEC and V-Purchasing.

All of our customers/hiring clients require proof of drug screening and training credentials in the area of expertise that our employees will be working, such as Crane Operator/Ironworker/Millwright; CCO, Forklift, Aerial Work Platform, Signal Person, Rigging and Welding certification.