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Quality Program

Quality Statement

It is our mission to supply quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and quality will not be compromised. To ensure our quality products and services, it is communicated to all levels of Padgett that we will define our customer’s expectations, and ensure that all employees have the information and resources available to achieve customer satisfaction and continually improve our processes.

Padgett promotes quality not as an end result but as a beginning and a means to an end. Pride in workmanship is one example of how we foster quality throughout our organization. Cooperation and communication between all levels of the company is also a key to our success.

Field Quality Program

Field Quality is led by our foremen on the front line with an eye on every section of work. The foreman monitors and signs off on erection sequence, welding, bolting, erection correctness and final punch lists.

Fabrication Quality Program

Our Quality Program is based on the ISO 9001-2015 Quality System requirements which provide a basis for system wide application, continuous improvement, regular monitoring and company-wide communication. Additionally, we have incorporated the AISC requirements which focus on the actual fabrication points including but not limited to fitting, welding, painting and 100% inspection.   Padgett has also incorporated bar coding into our systems.  This provides us with details of time, operator and inspections for each step in our processes.