Crane Rentals

Padgett,Inc. houses a wide variety of cranes for rent whether you need just the crane or the crane and operator we can supply it! Our crane fleet is available for rent daily, weekly, monthly or however long your job requires.

Bare Equipment Rental List:

Manitowoc MLC300330315’98’
Manitowoc 2250300300’120’ + luffer
Manitowoc 999275260’80’
Link-Belt LS-278H250330’100’
Manitowoc 14000220292’80’
Manitowoc 12000120200’70’
Manitowoc 10000100110’30’
Link-Belt RTC 80130130162’33’-55’
Link-Belt 8090 II90140’55’
Link-Belt RTC 807575127’39’-67’
Grove TR 765E-265110’33’-56’
Link-Belt RTC 806565115’36’-61’
Link-Belt RTC 8050 II50110’28’-51’
Grove RT 600C35105’29’’-51’
Broderson IC-2501850’20’

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