Reynolds Metals

A Three Day Shutdown at Reynolds Metals in Louisville, Kentucky. All Divisions Working Together During A Three Day Shutdown

Summer is a time for picnics, outdoor living and grilling. Aluminum foil is one essential summer cooking accessory that we all depend on and it is manufactured right here in our community at Reynolds Metals in Louisville, Kentucky. Reynolds Metals awarded Padgett, Inc. the re-build of their Mill Number Three which included an extensive amount of precision alignment for the assembly of the components of the mill. Precision alignment of machines is one of many solutions that Padgett provides and has built its reputation upon. In fact, there are very few artisans within a 100-mile radius who have the skills to supply extensive manpower and expertise that was required on the precision alignment component alone on this project. ͞The first part of our project was to install more iron in Mill Number Three for all of the extensive duct-work to sit on. The Padgett 90-Ton crane was used to do the man basket work and set some of the ducts. The second part of our project was to move in and install new equipment and we used our 300-Ton Manitowoc Crane — Big Red,” said Jim Ottersbach, Padgett, Inc. Estimator. Padgett’s big rigging forklifts, 35-Ton forklifts manufactured by Taylor were utilized to unload and carry the equipment around to where it was needed. ͞We had six pieces of equipment at this project, all with unique functions and we needed all of it. We had to carry the fans, the motors and some of the duct work with a smaller crane, the I.C.250 Broderson, said Ottersbach.

Padgett also fabricated the steel for this project and installed it as well as the new scrubber system required by the EPA. There is an oil-based film that must be recovered during the manufacturing process. This film was previously recovered and then Reynolds had to pay to have it safely disposed. Now with the new scrubber system equipment installed by Padgett, the film can be recovered and reused by Reynolds. ͞The new equipment will be a great addition to Reynolds. Not only it is required by the EPA to help the environment, but it will save them a vast amount of money so the client was really excited about this installation,” said Ottersbach.

The Padgett team celebrated Independence Day by working during the entire holiday weekend to hit the deadline! ͞Not only did I have eight men scheduled on our regular project for this weekend but at the last minute, Reynolds also asked Padgett to supply twelve additional men to help them with their scheduled maintenance. And so we supplied twelve more men for them on a holiday weekend,” said Ottersbach.

Equipment List

  • 90-Ton Crane
  • 300-Ton Manitowoc
  • 35-Ton Taylor Forklifts
  • IC 250 Broderson