Bridges and Other Projects

Padgett’s Crane Division provided cranes on an almost daily basis for the $2.3 Billion Ohio River Bridges Project, including large crawler cranes that were kept for long-term durations during the construction of the bridges. This project consists of building two new bridges connecting Kentucky and Indiana and the complete overhaul of Spaghetti Junction in downtown Louisville.

Padgett’s Steel Fabrication Division worked closely with the General Contractors to supply miscellaneous and custom fabricated steel items. Padgett’s Mobile Crane fleet worked around the clock to perform fast turn-round repairs to keep up with the high demands of the this project.
Padgett’s Rough Terrain cranes, ranging in size from 28 Tons to 130 Tons, are on-site at long term, industrial projects including power plants and government installations. Their versatility also keeps these cranes in high demand for new construction project sites because of their mobility and ease of set-up when the site conditions are not desirable. In addition, our Rough Terrain cranes are frequently utilized at the region’s concrete and steel erection projects.

There were many other projects in process with our regular customers for which our cranes were needed during this extremely busy time including the Floyd Memorial Hospital expansion and the Second Baptist Church renovation in our hometown, New Albany, Indiana; and the erection of the Birdair 24,000-square-foot PTFE fiberglass canopy roof over the grandstands of the Dr. Mark & Cindy Lynn Men’s and Women’s Soccer Stadium at The University of Louisville. Padgett cranes never sleep. We are known for efficiency and dependability because all of our divisions are experienced at working together as needed per the scope of the project and as additional needs arise on the job site.

Padgett’s Mobile Crane fleet is the most advanced in the area including a 350 Ton Mobile Truck Crane and the GMK-6300L which has exceptional capacity and vast lift radius capabilities. Padgett’s Mobile Crane fleet has a range of sizes from 12 tons to 350 tons.

Padgett, Inc. gets the call because we’ve got the complete package: the region’s largest and most advanced fleet of cranes combined with experienced, N.C.C.C.O certified, experienced and professional crane operators who are the best in the business, plus Padgett’s legendary Dispatch Service which provides 24/7/365 response to get the cranes where they need to be, when they need to be there.