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General Electric’s Appliance Park

Padgett Moves 440-Tons in Three Days!

The Padgett, Inc. team successfully completed another off-load and delivery of new machines needed for the continued expansion at General Electric’s Appliance Park.

“Everything about this project was on a mission critical timeline. The work accomplished by the Padgett team was nothing short of phenomenal and that is pretty much business as usual for us. We just get it done,” said Jeff Ryan, Padgett, Inc. Estimator.

This can be said of every General Electric project that Padgett is awarded but Jeff was specifically referencing the eight, new, 55-Ton presses that Padgett moved into position at G.E. Appliance Park Building Five. Padgett loaded, un-crated, moved and up-righted these presses with Padgett’s 600-Ton Gantry and two of Padgett’s 35-Ton Taylor forklifts. Padgett then carried the presses with two, 35-Ton Taylor forklifts and set them in position. All eight presses were sitting in their positions in Building Five in three days.

Equipment List

  • 600-Ton Gantry
  • 35-Ton Taylor Forklifts