International Crankshaft Inc.

Installation of Ajax 6,000 Tons Presses in 1991, Rebuild in 2013-2014

Working Hard, Working Smart at ICI in Georgetown, Kentucky.

In 1991 Padgett, Inc. was awarded the contract to install an Ajax 6,000 ton Forging Press and all equipment associated with Line One for a new company, International Crankshaft Inc. located in Georgetown, KY. So when Padgett got a call from Mike Delili of ICI to dismantle and refurbish the 6,000 ton press on Line One, Machinery & Rigging Estimator, Steve Reardon, recalls thinking “it seems like yesterday we installed it, but that was over 20 years ago.”

We used the same 600 ton gantry system setting the original 6,000 ton Ajax press years ago that we used to rebuild line one Ajax press in 2013-2014 and even a few of the same men who worked the original project were again on the team. The very enormous Ajax press, which is 14’2” wide, 10’6” deep, & 24’6” tall, and after the press was dismantled to the main frame it still weighed 246 tons.

The 32,000 lbs. crankshaft, the 38,000 lbs. flywheel along with the clutch and brake assemblies was dismantled from the huge press. Access platforms were removed and set aside. The Ajax press was rigged to our 600 ton gantry system and we raised it out of the pit.

After lifting the press straight up, the Gantry system rolled the press 20 feet from pit and set the press down on blocking at floor level. At this point the slide assembly, which weighed 76,000 lbs., was removed from the machine. We set the slide on our 100 ton trunnion trailer and moved outside for cleanup by ICI.

The gantries four legs were re-configured to the 6000 ton Ajax press so we could lay the main frame on its back for repair. Two legs raised one side of the press and two legs controlled and received the weight when the press passed the tipping point. The press was then laid over and blocked on its side to accommodate the machining of the press feet and the boring of the bearing journal. The milling of the four feet and press pads was performed by Atlas Machine to a tolerance of .002, the slide was re-built, the barrel relined and machined to tolerance.

With all cleaning and repairs completed, it was now time to begin the re-assembly, Padgett again connected the Ajax press to our gantry system to tilt the press upright. Next, the slide assembly was re-installed and the 6000 ton Ajax press was re-rigged and set back in the pit. Once we set the press in place and anchored, it was level & aligned. The reassembly continued with the crankshaft, the flywheel along with the clutch and brake assemblies.

We had four different crews working on this project to assure the completion date was met. One crew started on reassembling the press while another crew aligned the crank shaft bushings, and another crew installed the pit steel plates for robots. In addition, Padgett installed many robots and fabricated the steel that the robots set upon using a crew of 10 men. We also removed all old manipulators and disposed of other machinery that was being replaced.

The project was complicated and the turn-around to complete all of the components was 45 days with Padgett’s crews working seven days a week, two shifts. “If we were late, automotive plants around the US would suffer and may have had to shut down. Delay was not an option, no matter what we found. We worked hard and smart, like we always do here at Padgett. It makes me very proud to see how hard our men work for our customers, no matter what was ask of them,” said Reardon.

To accomplish all of this, all of Padgett’s divisions worked together efficiently. Padgett’s equipment on this project was the 1,200,000 lbs. (600 ton) Gantry, the 30/40 Taylor forklifts, the 65-ton Crane and one of our IC 250 Broderson crane. Excellent coordination, man power, equipment and hours were what it took to hit the deadline and that is why, 20 years later, Padgett got the call.

Padgett also installed Lines 2 & 3 in 1997 & 2008 respectively, and ICI’s Line 4 installation in spring of 2015. Padgett once again has been asked to participate.

All employees of Padgett including Operators, Millwrights, Ironworkers, Drivers, Fabricators, Staff, & Estimators have contributed to another Successful Project! Safe and On Time!

Equipment List

  • 600-Ton Gantry System
  • 100-Ton Trunnion Trailer
  • 30-Ton Taylor Forklifts
  • 40-Ton Taylor Forklifts
  • 65-Ton Crane
  • IC250 Broderson Crane