KDF & The Adams Matthew Foundation

“There’s never a dull moment at Padgett, that is for sure,” exclaimed Don Fell, Estimator. During a very busy spring with our equipment in high demand, Padgett provided equipment and labor to give back to the community. ln April of 2012, Padgett, Inc. provided cranes to help support a Louisville Tradition and a Louisville Landmark.

On April 21st, Padgett provided a 45-ton and 50-ton crane to support “Thunder Over Louisville.” Padgett’s cranes lifted the enormous speakers that played the accompanying announcements and music for the Air Show and Fireworks celebration. Padgett provided the cranes free of charge to the Kentucky Derby Festival which is the organizer of the event.

Boom Boom! Tick Tock! Padgett Helps Thunder & Moves A Clock!

On April 29th, Padgett provided a 45-ton crane along with a rigging crew to move and assemble the historic Louisville Clock. The clock was moved from Bowman Field to its new home at Theater Square on Fourth Street. The clock was originally installed in 1976, but mechanical issues forced the clock to be removed from service in 1990. Padgett’s service was requested by The Adam Matthews Foundation which is the key figure behind the restoration of the clock.

Equipment List

  • 45-Ton Crane
  • 50-Ton Crane