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The safety program at Padgett is striving for zero accidents in our work place, whether it is in the shop or in the field. We currently have in place weekly training classes for our craft people in the shop and Risk Assessment meetings at all of our field projects which keep our employees “up to date” on the latest safety issues. Our field supervisor’s training is ongoing with the latest information available in our industry.

All of our crane operators are certified and licensed on a wide variety of cranes ranging from a 20 ton rough terrain crane to the huge 275 ton crawlers in our fleet. Our operators are well versed in lifting due to the many different projects we service on a daily basis. Our crane department has an excellent safety record which sets the example for all of our employees. Safety is not an option at Padgett — it is a priority from top management to the janitor. We are all committed to safety by doing what is right and by looking out for our fellow man.

Padgett Inc. is very proud of our record in maintaining the environment where we work and live. We work closely with federal, state and local agencies to ensure we do everything possible to keep our air and water clean. Padgett Inc. has adopted a good neighbor policy that is centered around the idea of thinking of others and not only of ourselves.

With all of us working together, we will achieve our goal. We will experience a better quality of life because we are dedicated to all facets of safety both in our facility and in the communities of our job site locations.

Weekly training for our craft workers + Supervisor Training = Safe job site applications where safety is our way of life.

Safety starts at the home office at Padgett, and continues in our fabrication and crane departments. Currently we have safety training on the “Topic of the Week” for each of our departments The subject material covers twenty three different topics related to our workplace and is mandated by O.S.H.A. We train people in the Fabrication shop on Mondays, Anchor building people on Tuesdays, Shear and Brake on Wednesdays and the Crane shop on Thursdays. By training in this manner all our employees will have the opportunity to make up any missed training sessions. We at Padgett want to be sure all our employees are trained to the highest level possible in the topics that are applicable to our buisness.

Safety Statement

At Padgett, Inc., Safety is our way of life. It is the basis on which we plan each job, and a bench mark used to determine success. Everyone shares the common responsibility of living by this safety ideology.

This shared responsibility, requires all employees to police not only themselves, but also everyone who impacts their safety. Honest and open two way communication is required to achieve the necessary flow of information which safety demands.

Only through a personal commitment to safety from all of our employees will we achieve safe worksites for us all.

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